स्वस्थ्य एवं संतुलित भारत के प्रयास में भागिदार बनें। अपने शरीर को एवं उसकी आवश्यकतओं को संतुलित दृष्टि से समझें। दाम्पत्य जीवन रुमानी बनाएं एवं यौन रोगों से बचें। अपने रुची का परिवार नियोजन विधि अपनाकर देश का साथ दें।

The Concealed Door Sex Position Variant 1


The Concealed Door Sex Position Variant 1

The woman lies on her stomach. First, she encompasses her thighs, preparing herself to take him up to the hilt. The man, who lies on top of the woman, insinuates himself inside her moisten vagina. Then she draws her legs, letting the man's thighs encompass her legs. Deeply anchored in her vulva the man cuddles her, stroking her back, hips and breasts. The woman can contract her vaginal muscles in order to stimulate her lover's desires even more and she can tune these contractions with the man's thrusts. Still in the same position, the man can also penetrate the woman's anal opening if he knows that she loves anal penetrations. Here the woman should relax her sphincters in the best possible manner. The man has to have full control over the penetration of his penis into the warm and constricted opening, which she offers him with love and trust. In this position the man can bite the woman's neck and also can caress tenderly her breasts, while thrusting even deeper.

Concealed Door Sex Position Variant 1

This position is proper for raising the sexual energy and sublimation it in pure love. To achieve this elevated emotion -pure love, during this position the lovers have not to concentrate to the genital pleasure, but they have to concentrate their attention to the heart area and become conscious of the flying feeling that this position produces. If the lovers abandon themselves to the flying feeling they will feel that they have immersed in an ocean of pure love.



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