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Stimulation by a Partner during Sex

संभोग के दौरान सेक्स पार्टनर के द्वारा उत्तेजित करने की क्रिया

A woman's partner can bring her to an orgasm that includes ejaculation. If a woman already knows she is capable of ejaculating she should let her partner know, not pray that it will not happen again. She should discuss the increased wetness that occurs with her partner; at least prepare them for it. Hopefully they will see your ejaculations as desirable and erotic. If they do not, reeducating them about female fluids and ejaculation may persuade them to at least accept the ejaculations as normal even if they do not like the associated wetness.

There is perhaps one big advantage to having a partner stimulate you to orgasm when you are trying to ejaculate, that is because they will not stop the stimulation unless you tell them too. If you are masturbating and you start to feel uncomfortable, out of control, you will likely stop immediately.

This could prevent you from experiencing orgasm and ejaculation. With a partner you can agree beforehand that they will not stop, even if you say, "stop." (Doing this requires using a "safe word" that indicates, "Stop!" for real. This is a word you are not likely to say accidentally during sex, without thinking about it.) If you find you pull away you can ask that they hold or follow you so you cannot move away from the stimulation. Of course you should only do these things if you really trust your partner, as they need to be forceful without going to far.

How do you stimulate your partner's prostate? Your hands are excellent tools to use. The best way to stimulate the inside of their vagina, along the upper wall, is to create a hook with your index finger. Imagine you want to signal to someone standing across the room that you want them to come toward you. You turn your hand palm up and signal with your index finger by making a hook, curling it up and straightening it repeatedly. You can do the same thing with two fingers inside the vagina. Massaging the upper wall of the vagina, from the opening back inside two inches. Start out with a very light touch. Press your fingers up and toward the front, pointing toward the pubic bone, or clitoris. Use the urethral opening as a guide. Use a generous amount of lubrication even if she is dripping wet.

Start out by getting her aroused with manual and/or oral clitoral stimulation. Continue the clitoral stimulation as you massage her prostate. Ask your partner if there is a specific spot or area that produces intense or enjoyable sensations when you massage it, her G-Spot. As you sense her getting closer to orgasm apply a firmer touch, if she enjoys it. Maintain a constant and steady rhythm. Follow through, continue the massage up through her orgasm. Then switch to a very light caressing touch as she comes down from her orgasm. If she experiences multiple orgasms her orgasms and ejaculations may become more intense, and the amount of ejaculation may increase. If she orgasms with your fingers inside her vagina her vaginal muscles may squeeze them very tightly, do not pull out but rather press in gently.

You can also stimulate your partner to ejaculation using a dildo. This requires more verbal communication, as you cannot feel exactly what the dildo is doing. She needs to let you know what feels good, or bad. Some women may like for the tip of the dildo to be pointed at their urethra, others may prefer a full feeling. The stretching and pressure created by large dildos or an entire hand may stimulate the urethra enough to cause an ejaculation even if that is not the intent.

A woman may also ejaculate during intercourse, with a penis or a dildo in a harness. What seems to work the best are positions that result in the penis or dildo stimulating the upper wall of the vagina. Like when a woman's partner kneels between her knees when she is on her hands and knees, or when she is on top controlling the direction and force of the thrusting. Some women may ejaculate during intercourse without even trying, while others may find it a challenge. It is more likely if she already ejaculates frequently during manual massage. Practice makes perfect.

Caution during Sex

Unfortunately, there can be some possible negative side effects associated with massaging the urethra. The urethra is highly sensitive and is easily irritated. Even normal intercourse can irritate a woman's urethra resulting in painful urination and infection. This is especially true of virgins and women with tense pelvic muscles, as they are too tight and there is too much friction between their vagina and the thrusting penis or dildo. Intentionally stimulating the urethra increases the chances of there being irritation and infection. To help prevent infections and reduce the chances of irritation a woman should drink lots of water and urinate just before and right after urethral stimulation, or sex in general if you are prone to urinary tract infections. Just release a little bit of liquid from your bladder before sex if you are trying things with a full bladder. They also recommend women drink cranberry juice, or take a cranberry supplement available at health food stores, as its acidic level helps to ward off the bacteria that cause infections. If you experience irritation, painful urination, or infection, try using less pressure when massaging or stimulating the urethra. The urethra may become accustomed to the stimulation with time, but do not torture yourself or inflict multiple infections. Have fun but do not hurt yourself

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