स्वस्थ्य एवं संतुलित भारत के प्रयास में भागिदार बनें। अपने शरीर को एवं उसकी आवश्यकतओं को संतुलित दृष्टि से समझें। दाम्पत्य जीवन रुमानी बनाएं एवं यौन रोगों से बचें। अपने रुची का परिवार नियोजन विधि अपनाकर देश का साथ दें।

Blows of the Planting Pin Sex Position Variant 1


Blows of the Planting Pin Sex Position Variant 1

After one or two hours of intercourse with sexual continence the man may adopt this position in order to rest and restore his vigour. He kneels in front of the woman and lifts her pelvis in order to introduce his virile member inside her moisten vagina.

Planting Pin Sex Position Variant 1

Leaning on her palms, the woman moves her pelvis back and forth, massaging skilfully her lover's hard penis. She rocks backwards and forwards and, thus, controls the depth of penetration. Holding her waist, the man has to draw her pelvis towards him and, helping her to take his penis up to the hilt. She can play with his entire length and when his penis is in completely she can feel his pubic hair and scrotum on the lips of her vulva opened wide in this position. When she feels that her lover is close to the ejaculatory orgasm she has to stop her moving. Both lovers have to focus their attention in the crown of the head in order to sublimate the sexual energy into more refined forms of energy and thus experiencing very subtle states of consciousness, such as pure bliss.



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