स्वस्थ्य एवं संतुलित भारत के प्रयास में भागिदार बनें। अपने शरीर को एवं उसकी आवश्यकतओं को संतुलित दृष्टि से समझें। दाम्पत्य जीवन रुमानी बनाएं एवं यौन रोगों से बचें। अपने रुची का परिवार नियोजन विधि अपनाकर देश का साथ दें।

Submission under the Nail Sex Position


Submission under the Nail Sex Position

The woman lies on one side. The man, having one leg bent and the other placed on the floor inserts his virile member inside his lover's wet vagina. Then the woman bends her knee in order to imprison the man's hard penis into her tight vagina.

Submission under the Nail Sex Position

Firmly planted in the vaginal opening, the man draws strongly the woman's pelvis towards his. He can insert and withdraw his member as he sees fit and in the same time he guides his thrusts by the woman's moanings, which are very arousing for a man.

The vertical position of the man's trunk gives him more control over the intensity of pleasure. Therefore, he can successfully avoid ejaculation. The man has to stop his movements when he achieves the preorgastic level and both lovers have to focus their attention in the cardiac plexus in order to guide the sexual energy along the spine. Thus, they could achieve in the same time the ecstasy of love.


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