स्वस्थ्य एवं संतुलित भारत के प्रयास में भागिदार बनें। अपने शरीर को एवं उसकी आवश्यकतओं को संतुलित दृष्टि से समझें। दाम्पत्य जीवन रुमानी बनाएं एवं यौन रोगों से बचें। अपने रुची का परिवार नियोजन विधि अपनाकर देश का साथ दें।

Size impact on the performance of penis


Does the size of the penis have any impact on the performance?

The size of a man's penis is more than adequate for its functions which are for sexual pleasure, and maybe reproduction One thing that men can be assured of is that the size of the penis has no relation to sexual pleasure or performance. Performance is about the ability to get and maintain an erection or to provide sexual pleasure to one’s partner and oneself with or without an erection. Performance, then, is not really related to size -- but dependent on muscles, blood and nerve supply to the reproductive organs. In reality sexual pleasure is related to: a person's state of mind; to respecting their partner's needs; and their own needs. During intercourse, the opening of the vagina is normally not too small or too large for any penis because it is really a "space" that is surrounded by muscular tissue and will adapt to most size penises.


What are the common causes of pain in the testicular region?

The common causes of pain may be

(i) Injury

(ii) Testicular torsion

(iii) Testicular cancer.


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