स्वस्थ्य एवं संतुलित भारत के प्रयास में भागिदार बनें। अपने शरीर को एवं उसकी आवश्यकतओं को संतुलित दृष्टि से समझें। दाम्पत्य जीवन रुमानी बनाएं एवं यौन रोगों से बचें। अपने रुची का परिवार नियोजन विधि अपनाकर देश का साथ दें।



What is puberty?

Puberty is the time in which sexual and physical characteristics mature. It occurs due to hormone changes. The changes allow you to become capable of reproduction.



What is the timing of Puberty?

Puberty starts at different times and lasts for different periods of time for everyone. It can start as early as 9 years of age to as late as 13 –14 years of age. The sequence of pubertal development usually ranges from 2 to 5 years. Some adolescents might have completed puberty before their peers have even begun.

What are the signs of puberty in boys?

At puberty, boys will normally experience a faster growth, especially in height. The shoulder width also increases. The body takes on a new more muscular and angular shape in boys under the influence of testosterone. There is growth of the penis and the skin of the scrotum becomes reddened and folded. The voice deepens, and while the process is gradual, one might experience voice breaking at times. This is normal and natural and does not call for worry. There is appearance and growth of pubic, beard, and armpit hair. Nighttime ejaculations (nocturnal emissions or "wet dreams") are common. The skin becomes oily resulting in acne.


What are the signs of puberty in girls?

There is an increase in height and hip size. Hair growth appears in the genital area, in the armpits and around the breast. At first the hair are soft but with further growth become coarser. A girl starts with her menstrual periods, which is a monthly bleeding from the vagina lasting for 5 days which results due to hormonal influences on the reproductive system. The skin becomes oily resulting in acne.


What breast changes occur during puberty?

The breasts develop and enlarge due to the accumulation of fat which occurs under the influence of the hormone estrogen.


What changes occur in the female reproductive organs as a result of puberty?

As a female’s body begins the process of puberty, special hormones are released that create changes to the internal reproductive organs inside of a girl's body. The vagina becomes deeper, and girls may notice some wetness, called vaginal discharge, on their panties. The color of the discharge is usually clear to whitish and, it's normal in small amounts, so it's nothing to worry about. The uterus becomes longer and the lining of the uterus becomes thicker. The ovaries enlarge and the egg cells inside the ovaries begin to grow and develop getting ready for a special monthly event called ovulation.


What is ovulation?

Ovulation is the release of an egg cell from one of the ovaries. This event occurs approximately once a month near the midpoint of a women's menstrual cycle. Upon release, the egg travels into the fallopian tube and then begins a four to five day journey to the uterus. The fallopian tube is only about five inches long and very narrow, so this is a slow journey. The egg cell moves about one inch per day.


What is fertilization?

ertilization is when a sperm cell from the father meets and joins with an egg cell from the mother as a result of sexual intercourse. Fertilization occurs when the egg cell is inside of the fallopian tube. The egg and sperm need to meet and combine in order to make a baby. When they do, a woman becomes pregnant.


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