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Testicular Cancer


What could be the possible early signs of testicular cancer?

In the early stages, testicular cancer may have no symptoms Because it's painless, many patients may think it is harmless and there can be a long delay before they actually seek attention by their physician. When there are symptoms, they include: (i) Small, painless lump in a testicle. (ii) Enlarged testicle. (iii) Feeling of heaviness in the testicle or groin. (iv) Pain in the testicle. (v) A change in the way the testicle feels. (vi) Enlarged male breasts and nipples. (vii) Blood or fluid that accumulates suddenly in the scrotum.


What are the risk factors of testicular cancer?

The following factors increase the risk of testicular cancer. These include:

(i) congenital problems like undescended testes.

(ii) Family history

(iii) History of injury to the scrotum.

What are the common causes of pain in the testicular region?

The common causes of pain may be (i) Injury (ii) Testicular torsion (iii) Testicular cancer.


What is testicular torsion?

Testicular torsion is a condition in which the testes gets twisted on its supporting cord known as spermatic cord as a result of which blood supply to the testes gets cut off. As a result the wall of the scrotum becomes bluish to purple colour and very painful. This is a medical emergency and must be reported immediately.


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